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Jan Ulrich 

German cyclist Jan Ulrich will be fined one million euros for 'sports fraud'. But what is that 'sports fraud'. Is a colleague 'doing it' or hiding that you are exhausted ...

It worked, the bullet went through the church, justice was done. 'Der Jan' bought off criminal proceedings with a fine of at least one million euros. "But he is guilty," the German prosecution hastily declares, "we proved that Ulrich used doping in the XNUMXs." Some reactions on the Telegraaf site to this message would not have been out of place in the Dutroux trial.

Of course, the officer acknowledges that doping use in professional cycling was quite common in the XNUMXs. The question is whether the aforementioned authorities knew nothing about this. The books by Peter Winnen, Willy Voet, Erik Rijckaard and Jef d 'Hond are quite clear about this and rather give the impression that if you don't participate you will be out. But if the officer proves that, he undermines his own charges. After all, if use of high to low is known and accepted, there is no question of cheating and therefore no sporting fraud.

What remains is to cheat the public. But that is not part of the charms of cycling. The rider in the breakaway group 'simulates' and then wins the final sprint. Or the other way around, pretending to 'drive the stones out of the way', but actually being unable to do stairs. Shout "be careful, left" and at the same time march through the right. Sporting fraud? A million fine or prosecution? The Public Prosecution Service is still busy.

Or has the Inquisition been restored? Okay, heretics have been replaced by cyclists, pyres by fines or prosecution. But the principle, creating or twisting rules afterwards and ad hoc, and ignoring evidence a discharge (selective evidence), looking for a stick to hit the dog, has not changed. And that for a 'crime' that nobody would pay attention to if you are not an athlete.


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